Photocatalytic removal of Cu (II) in an aquatic solution using TiO2-Chitosan Nanocomposites

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imelda Fajriati, Mudasir Mudasir, Endang Tri Wahyuni


Photocatalytic removal of Cu(II) in aquatic solutions using TiO2-chitosan nanocomposite  had been studied. The photocatalytic process was carried out using a batch system in a closed reactor equipped with a UV lamp. The results show that the percentage of photocatalytic removal of Cu(II) by TiO2 – chitosan nanocomposite was higher than that TiO2 bulk catalyzing. Under solution containing 20 mg/L of Cu(II), pH 7, three hours of contact time, and employing 20 mg TiO2-chitosan nanocomposite, the Cu(II) removal was successfully done up to 94.55%. The maximum adsorption capacity and the highest kinetic constants were obtained under nanocomposite with the highest amount of chitosan (TiO2-chit 0.13) and nanocomposite containing the highest amount of TiO2 (TiO2-chit 1.3), respectively. The method offers high reusability up to three times with percentage more than 50% of Cu(II) removal.


Keyword: Photocatalytic, Cu(II) removal, TiO2-chitosan nanocomposite


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