Journal History

Molekul has been established since 2006 with volume 1 no 1 (November 2016). Later, every year, Molekul published 2 issues on Mei and November.  The name of the birth of certificate from the Universitas Jenderal Soedirman was Jurnal Ilmiah Kimia "Molekul". Jurnal Ilmiah Kimia mean Scientific Journal in Chemistry. The journal name in the quotes was Molekul. Furthermore, the journal cover used the name MOLEKUL (big letter) and a small letter of Jurnal Ilmiah Kimia. The running journal name in all articles are Molekul. Print ISSN name was Molekul, electronic ISSN was Molekul: Jurnal Ilmiah Kimia. The name of the journal in the National Accreditation certificate was Jurnal Ilmiah Kimia Molekul. The final name of the journal should be only Molekul.